About DSI


DSI is behind hundreds of deployments

From concept to planning to deployment, DSI's expertise has helped clients roll out deployments around the world.

For over 35 years, DSI has been developing and marketing products designed to help companies convey messages and provide important information to their clients and audiences.

DSI is behind countless video bulletin boards and has provided clients with scrolling listings and meta data for interactive guides. We have helped customers from Alaska to Belize and from Hawaii to Newfoundland. With deployments ranging from analog cable to digital cable to IPTV, DSI has the experience to help you.

By combining DSI's hardware and software solutions with TV Media's enriched TV listing data and digital asset library, we are truly a one-stop solution for on-screen TV guides. Video, TV listings, announcements — DSI can help you.

Who We Are

A dedicated team passionate about what we do.

Our Mission

Exceed customer needs and expectations.

Our Vision

Accuracy, flexibility and stability are the foundation of our success.


Our goal is our clients’ success
and future growth

01.    We believe in creativity

DSI works with clients to devise solutions that meet their specific needs.

02.   We believe in quality

DSI's team sources durable, stable hardware products.

03.   We believe in ability

Regardless of how difficult or remote, DSI will find a way to address your on-screen requirements.

04.   We believe in relation

DSI believes in working closely with their customers to foster long-term relationships.

Client Testimonials