Character Generators

DSI’s character generators are built to meet your specific needs, whether your channel displays real estate listings, sales promotions, community news or events listings.

What We Do

We offer a full range of character generators, with features that scale from simple text bulletin boards to advanced scheduling and multi-region setups.

Why we do it

When you call DSI, you’re talking to a person. This simple fact is the foundation of DSI's strong commitment to customer service. In fact, our client support exceeds industry standards.

How it’s done

Our page creator allows you to create your custom content before adding your content to the scheduler. Added features allow you to further customize the display.

Our award-winning software

From text-based content to multi-region setups, we offer a complete range of information display solutions.


TEBBS Character Generator

TEBBS Character Generator software is aimed at customers not requiring remote access capabilities. TEBBS is our basic information display system with an advanced scheduler, text page creation and an analog clock.

Features include: multi-channel display, offline editing and time synchronization capabilities. Choose from hundreds of background colors complete with blending options and multiple background selections. TEBBS also includes over 900 images for use in creating custom pages.


TextPro Character Generator

Our second-simplest character generator, TextPro can be integrated with an optional weather display plugin to automatically download and broadcast current weather information. TextPro can display a horizontal crawl for news and other information, includes remote administration capabilities, advanced scheduling capabilities, clock synchronization, and all the features of our TEBBS software.

TextPro is available as a complete system and comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor. Software-only purchase option is also available.


Elite Character Generator

Elite is our most popular character generator. Elite allows you to schedule the display of custom images, play videos, run multiple community channels from a single computer, and even manage everything from a remote location.

Elite is the ideals olution for customers who’d like to engage their communities with custom image and video content. It is a popular choice for powering real estate listings channels, community information notices, classifieds and promoting pay-per-view content on other channels


Gold Character Generator

Gold Character Generator is our most powerful character generator. Featuring the same image and video display capabilities as Elite, Gold also includes advanced features including text animation, webpage and database display capabilities, and the ability to run multiple schedules independently on separate regions of the screen.


Add a scrolling TV listing guide to your character generator

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