Scrolling TV Listings Guide

Presenting LineUp...

LineUp is our award-winning scrolling TV listing guide

Every day, millions of viewers use LineUp to find out what’s on TV. DSI’s LineUp TV listing software is reliable, customizable and easy to set up.

  • Available in full-screen, half-screen or custom sizes.
  • Supports digital and analog channels.
  • Affordable, integrated solution for companies of any size.
  • Generates revenue by advertising to viewers.

A cost-efficient option

DSI’s award-winning LineUp scrolling TV listing guide works with both analog and digital channels. Our software is reliable, customizable and easy to set up. If you’re losing your programming guide, contact us now — this is the perfect replacement for your analog scroll guide.

Who's using LineUp?

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Millions of cable subscribers and IPTV users rely on TV listings powered by LineUp. Accessed at any time, in any place and on any device.


Senior Living

LineUp listings are easy to read and ideal for residents of retirement homes, communities and care facilities.



Hotel guests can easily find their favourite TV programs with customized TV listings that deliver content directly to their rooms.

One of North America’s
top scrolling TV guides

LineUp is one of most popular scrolling guides in North America. Whether it is a standalone listing solution or an integrated part of your information display system, LineUp gives you the option of displaying advertisements or community information to generate extra revenue.

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